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Skriker #0: A Boy and His Beast Review


When I saw that my Facebook friend Dani Smith of Quick Draw Studios was looking for people to review her new comic book, I jumped on the opportunity to do so.

I’ve read a few #0 issues before and have noticed that they focus on the origin of the character in the title. This one follows accordingly and gives the reader a proper introduction to her resident anti-hero Skriker, the progeny of a demon father and human stripper mother who’s a cage fighter by day and creature hunter by night.

Through much of his internal monologue and dialogue, he conveys a smug attitude as he enjoys the thrill of the hunt and the fights themselves. As he fights various paranormal creatures including demons and the like, he sports his demon form which includes a double-spaded green tail, downward curving horns and outward curving ears. I imagine there’s more to his demon lineage, but this is a very enjoyable introduction.

Also, though not alluded to as much, he shows his softer side and even tells the reader not to tell anyone since he’s got a bad boy reputation to protect. I liked how an element of humor was sprinkled in with the intense action. That being said, the action is top notch. The transitions are seamless and the expressions on the characters make you feel like you’re part of the fight yourself. The other allusion that can be seen is to the other of her heroes–Rose–which has a story all her own.

And now, the most important part of the comic book itself: the art. Everything is so beautifully detailed that you have to see it to believe it. I can tell that Dani’s going to have a great career ahead of her that will last a very long time. If I had to give a rating, I’d say a 6/5. It’s an absolute must read for any comic book or manga fan.  

Both digital and physical copies of Skriker #0 can be found at IndyPlanet. Dani can be found on Facebook and Twitter for those who want to follow her work. If any other artists would like their works reviewed, I’m happy to do so.

Places I Shop Online, Services I Like

Places I Shop:

Amazon – As most people know, Amazon’s prices are hard to beat if you scrutinize enough. Their stock is also quite versatile.
ThinkGeek – A must for any geek/nerd. Every nerd related fandom is catered to here and they’ve got some great items you can only find there. Their shipping is infamously expensive, however they run coupons often to help offset this or even make it free.
nomorerack – This one can be hit or miss sometimes, but depending on what you’re looking for, great prices can be found here. The shipping here is a flat rate of $2 per item.
eBay – The one that started the auction crazes out there online and still the most reliable in my opinion. I don’t shop there as much as I used to, but I still enjoy looking for a good deal every so often.

Services I Like:

MOGL – One of the best services I’ve come across online that rewards you w/cashback when you go out to eat at any place registered in their database. For those that aren’t, I’m a MOGL Ambassador and happy to help you get started. Spend enough and they donate meals to the less fortunate. You can also donate the money you earn to a charity if you so choose.
SpotOn – This service rewards you for being a loyal customer. You earn Spots which can be used on various perks depending on the places visited. It’s also mobile friendly.

Honorable Mentions:

House of Geekiness – I very much enjoy the 8-bit look of the handmade products in this Etsy shop. As the name suggests, it’s very geek driven. Examples being Batman, Doctor Who, Firefly, X-Men and more.
Quick Draw Studios – Fine artist turned comic book artist Dani Smith’s Page for mature audiences. Any adult who was raised on the Golden/Silver Ages of comics should have a visit.
Operation: Black Ice – An up-and-coming comic book series where the team known only as Black Ice defends Earth from terrorists. Any fan of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Avengers should check this out. I’ve met the creator through deviantART and the writer through Facebook. They’ve got great stories planned. ;)
Enemy Agency – An online comic that answers the age-old question, “What do monsters actually do while they wait for adventurers to break down their door, murder them and steal their stuff?” For the answer, you’ll have to go see for yourself. Nerdy Easter eggs lie in wait for those who search for them.


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