My Inspiration: The inspiration for my photography came about when I decided to chronicle my various travels after I bought my first digital camera at Office Depot, where I worked at the time, and haven’t been without one since.┬áPart of what encouraged me to make that decision was when the DMV revoked my ability to drive when I was younger when they found out about my medical condition. More details on that can be found here.
Because of this, I’d walk to more of the places I went to whether nearby or after a bus trip on the way to where I was going and, as a result, I would observe the natural beauty around me and captured it as such.

The Business: I founded Nodoka Visual Arts on January 10, 2013, when deciding to put a business name to my skills–it started out with a clever anagram and then expanding from there. Nodoka is a Japanese word which translates to tranquility in English, but also references calm, patience and peace.
All of these traits reflect my personality which I wanted to convey through my art to clients. As such, I embraced Nodoka as my business moniker.

The Content: I started taking photography seriously when I borrowed my mom’s digital camera in 2007, which was the first year I visited San Diego’s Comic-Con. The many forms of art I saw there including cosplay, statues, T-shirts and comic books influenced me to capture them in that camera. Since then, I’ve gotten my own camera and have taken it practically everywhere with me.

In addition, I’ve found my calling in the Graphic Arts which started at Palomar College and, as of late, actively pursuing my Associate’s Degree at Stevens Henager College where I recently made the President’s List.

My photo portfolio mainly lies in nature–flora/fauna and land/waterscapes through my various travels both near and far. There’s a small amount of food photography as well from some of the absolute best entrees/desserts I’ve had so far.
I want to expand it to include cosplay, fashion and more as opportunities arise.

My soon-to-be-included graphic arts portfolio currently includes projects made in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop in college classes. I’m currently accepting offers for freelance work and commissions. Prices are negotiable and I look forward to working with you.


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